About us

Esthetics Never Ends.

Bangkok Art Auction Center was established since 2006 to maintain and promote Thai art reputation both national and international art scene. With our aspiration, we will search for and accumulate the extraordinary and guaranteed quality artworks from art institute, museum, art collector, gallery, artist and art dealer to sell through a public auction for Thai people and foreigners. Moreover, we’re pleased to offer the private sale for those who interested in.

Company Location : on the 4th floor at River City Bangkok

Board of Directors

Mr. Yuthachai Charanachitta

Group CEO of Italathai

Group : established a solid position in the economic life of Thailand.

Group CEO of River City Bangkok: Asia’s premier center for arts and antiques with four floors of galleries filled with the treasures of the East, a magnet for collectors, traders and art-lovers from Thailand and the world over.

Group CEO of Riverside Auction House : established since 1985 for promote Art and Antique. It’s the oldest and and venerable auction house in Thailand

Mr. Sermkhun Kunawong

CEO Group of CMO Group : established since 1986 and has absolute power in experiential marketing, event management and event supplies.

Chairman of Bangkok Art Management Co.,Ltd : fulfilled art management service in Thailand

Founder and Director of Bangkok Sculpture Center : established to promote Thai sculpture and Thai art.

Founder and Director of Sermkhun Kunawong Museum House : established to manifest the development of Thai art from the old day to today and present the ancestor’s esthetic wisdom to the descendants

Mr. Piriya Vachajitpan

Director and Co – Founder of Thai Art Collector Association : formed by a group of art lovers and to represent their private collections to public in the exhibition, reflected the developments of the artists in the different time, stimulate and create inspiration for art students, general public and new generation collectors as well as an opportunity for collectors to exchange knowledge, tastes and friendships among each other.